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Guide updates for Docker

Hey all, just a brief post to say that I will be doing an update to all the guides over the next few days. The UI for Docker was updated so the order of the guides doesn’t always tally up. I will mark the guide with an updated date once each one is done. 

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  1. Ward Ward

    Thanks for all the guides. They were already a big help!

    Can you also explain how to use docker in cli on synology? I always get a message that I’m not connected to the deamon.
    I installed htpcmanager (, but I’m not able to use the latest version via de docker GUI. Version 12 is the latest I can choose .
    In the ‘tags’ tab of htpcmanager you can see that the latest version is 17 (or latest)

    Maybe you can help me to download images via cli ?

  2. Synologist Synologist

    Thanks for the instructions! Any updates on updated guides?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Been very busy recently, but yes soon

      • Synologist Synologist

        GREAT!!!! Can’t wait 🙂

  3. spx spx

    Hope to see your updated guide soon!

    Can you also make a guide for AutoSub Bootstrap Bill app?

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