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Minecraft (Java) Server in Docker on a Synology NAS (To be archived. Please see the new guide)

Last updated on 19th August 2020

In this guide I am going to take you through the steps to get a basic Minecraft server up and running. We will be using DSM6 and the latest version of Docker at the time of writing. The server I run is now open to anyone who want’s to play, its usually up and running most of the time. You can see its status in the widget on the left of this page 🙂

Downloading the Container

Open up Docker within DSM and navigate to the ‘Registry’ tab and search for ITZG in the keyword box.within the results right click and download the ‘ITZG|Minecraft-Server’, When it asks which version number to download choose whichever version you want for the server. It allows you to choose ‘latest’ to pull the latest and greatest server version, or has some specific versions if you want them.

Search and Download
Select the version

Setting up a Docker User for Minecraft and Obtaining the PGID and PUID

In previous versions of this guide we used your default admin account for each container, this is not very secure so please now follow the separate setup guide and then head back here.

Setting up the container

Now we have downloaded the container and got hold of our user IDs we can move onto the next stage, where we will configure the Docker container. First go back into Docker and click on the ‘Image’ tab, in the list of your containers select the ITZG minecraft server, and click on ‘Launch’

Time to start

You will be greeted with the initial setup screen, this is where you can start specifying some of your preferences. As this is a Minecraft server it will likely use as much memory and CPU usage as you allow it, if you are running the server on a lower specification NAS you will probably want to set limits around the CPU priority and memory usage to ensure DSM is still usable when the server is running. In this case I am leaving this as the defaults, you can always come back and tweak these settings later once the server is setup.

The initial setup screen

Next up we are going to setup some other parts, click on the ‘Advanced’ button.

Advanced Tab

On this first tab you can decide if you want to create a shortcut to the server on the DSM desktop and also if you want the server to start up automatically if you ever restart the NAS, this is useful if you don’t want to login to manually startup the server.

Advanced Settings


In the next tab we need to setup where we want the various Minecraft world files to reside, having these outside of the container will mean you can make backups of the entire server, great if someone decides to flood the map with Lava.

Personally, I setup folders for each of the  containers I am running in the default Docker directory as this keeps things nice and tidy. We are  going to mount a single directory for this container, the internal “/data” directory to the NAS “/docker/minecraft” seen the screenshot to see exactly how this is laid out.

Specify where you world files should reside


You do not need to adjust and settings in this tab.

Port Settings

By default docker will automatically assign external ports to your Docker container, however we will never know what they are until the container is launched and also they may change upon a reboot, so we will need to assign some specific ports. In the case of this container Minecraft uses high value port number so it’s unlikely to clash with any other containers or ports already used by DSM. So we are just going to enter the same port numbers on the left hand column.

Assign your ports

Environment Variables – PGID , PUID and EULA

We can now enter the details obtained earlier on in the guide for the PGID and PUID, if these settings are incorrect it will result in the Docker containers internal user not being able to see the shares we specified and the world files and other server settings will not appear in the folder.

In addition to this we have to accept the Minecraft EULA so you will add an additional variable called EULA with the value set to TRUE.

Also worth noting, if you want to run a specific version of Minecraft change the ‘VERSION’ variable to the version you want, such as 1.13.1.

*Please note the screenshot below has been updated, as you can see after you run the server for the first time a lot of additional variables are automatically added. Ignore the GID and UID towards the top of this screenshot we only need to fill in the items at the bottom!

You have now completed the hard part of the guide, click on OK and you will be taken back to an overall summary screen, this is just a summary of the settings you have entered, just do a quick sanity check to make sure they are correct. if you want to launch the server immediately check the box and click on finish.

Final summary page

Server startup time

The first time the server is launched it may take a few minutes to start as the files are downloaded and the world in generated, this time will depend on how fast your Synology performs, you can track the progress by going into the ‘Containers’ tab and clicking on details, and then either viewing the terminal or log tabs.

You will just need to enter your server settings into your Minecraft settings screen and join, you can make amendments to the servers settings from within the folder you used to store it’s files as well as installing any mods you want.

If you get something setup ping me an invite and I will come and play!

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  1. Pedz Pedz

    Ugh… Docker fails to start the container properly. 🙁 The LOG says that we must accept the EULA. Any idea how do we do this?!

    • Pedz Pedz

      Must add another environment variable:

      EULA variable must be set to TRUE

      Then it works! 🙂

      Thanks for the tutorial!

      • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

        Hey, not sure how I managed to miss this. Now I know why I couldn’t update my son’s server! the guide has been updated.

        • Vincent Vincent

          Could u also make a guide for setting up a craftbukkit server?

          • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

            I can only really use what’s already been built in Docker. I will have to look to see if someone has built a container

  2. Pete Pete

    Excellent thanks!! I managed to setup a server without too much hassle. Now to the next thing.
    Any guide available on how to install mods with this setup? Having severe issues figuring it out…

  3. Kevin Kevin

    Thank you for the tutorial! Was very informative and easy to follow with no problems during setup. I’m using the DS1815+ NAS and this was able to run. My kids will appreciate it!

  4. George Staver George Staver

    I also have this up and running. However, I cannot locate the config files. I have the mount point setup but I cannot see any folders or files. Can you help? Thanks.

  5. David Hahn David Hahn

    Just wanted to hop in here and give you a HUGE “thank-you” for the walkthrough, Dr_Frankenstein. Docker has definitely been the most confusing thing to learn while playing with my DS916+ and you made it a breeze to get everything set up. Running a very happy little server for my pals now.

  6. L-Dub L-Dub

    Ok, I will admit it, I am a rookie and I am missing something. I believe that I have set everything up ok on the server side 916+ (I think). However I cannot get logged on to the game. I have tried connecting via my windows 10 computer and via ipad, and I get the same “unable to connect to world” error Truth be told we really want to connect using Ipads using PE. So I hope this is possible.

    Logs on the server seems to indicate that the world is prepared, as the logs report that it completes preparing the spawn area and logs states that they are “starting remote control listener”

    Keeping it simple, when attempting to log in, the server name is just the server name correct? The server address is just the local server IP address, and the Port is 25565?

    Also, to get Putty to work, I needed to enable the SSH service on port:22 is that the right thing to do? till I get some answers I have disabled it.

    Any constructive ideas or comments would be most appreciated.


    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey L-Dub it sounds like you are trying to connect with versions of the game that are not compatible with the server, this version of the server is for the original Java PC version of Minecraft, you will find the ‘Windows 10 Edition’ on the windows store is actually a port of Minecraft pocket used on iPad/Android.

      You are doing everything correctly.. try using the Java version of the game

      • L-Dub L-Dub

        Great feedback says the rookie. I think we have to much invested in the other versions….Win10/ X-Box, and I-pads. I will socialize with the project manager (my 8 year old), see what she says. Even though I haven’t tried with the X-box I assume that it will have the same issues.

        The only feedback I can give is that I needed to find some basic info on the use of putty, otherwise this was a great instruction set.

        Thank you

      • Pastix Pastix

        Hi Dr_Frankenstein, thanks for the tuto, really great !
        To clarify this point, does it mean that you can’t connect to this created server from Android devices ? Thx

        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          Hey, yes that’s correct. You will need to setup a Bedrock server for the Mobile/Windows 10 store version

  7. elHacko elHacko

    how about performance of MC server on synology?
    Anyone already had about 6 to 10 players online running?
    I think about using my 216+ (8GB RAM).


    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      it’s worth a try but I think it may struggle with more than 3 or 4 players, on my 1815+ we get the odd hiccup with 5 players usually if someone wonders off into a new area and it has to generate the world.

  8. Matt Matt

    Thanks very much for the thorough explanation! I am a complete Docker/NAS noob, so apologies in advance. I have the server up and running on a 713+, but am having issues with timeout on the client side. In the server logs, I note messages along the following that eventually lead to the server shutdown:
    [Server thread/WARN]: Can’t keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 31499ms behind, skipping 629 tick(s)
    Any ideas on how to remedy? Thanks again.

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      This is usually when the CPU in your NAS is struggling to keep up with the changes happening in the world, if it is skipping that many ticks then it’s getting considerably behind. Did you limit the amount of CPU usage your container is allowed to use? Ideally let it use the max possible and increase its priority.

      • Grey Grey

        hey there Dr_Frankenstein! first off, very useful tutorial! thank you very much for putting it together.

        Secondly, I am having the same issue as Matt.
        My DS918+ is hosting the Minecraft server, and it is working out but I keep seeing this message in the logs: “Can’t keep up! Is the server overloaded?” Occasionally the server will stop unexpectedly.

        – I have increased the RAM allocated to the container a few times, and now I have increased it to 6GB.
        – I dont have any other serious items running on the server, save for a Plex server that only gets used locally, and seldom.
        – There are only ever 2 players on the Server at any given time.
        – There are no CPU/data limitations on this container, of any kind.

        Any and all help is appreciated.

        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          This is a pretty common error when the CPU is not keeping up with what you are doing in the world, you can usually ignore it if everything feels snappy in the world itself. On my 1815 with 3 players we get the odd bit of lag if we venture off and the game has to create to new areas.

  9. darklordbazz darklordbazz

    it is keep crashing when i start it and it says “end of input at line 2 column 1 path

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Is this message in the logs? or does it pop up when starting the container? As the one I originally setup is still going strong and updates the latest version upon restart..

  10. polynator polynator

    Great tutorial. First minecraft worlds are up and running. Unfortunately the world files and other server settings do not appear in the folders. Via PuTTy I’ve checked the UID (1026) and GID (101) and keyed them into the docker settings. Any idea I can’t see the the files in the folder anyway?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey make sure you enter the variables as PUID and PGID I just spotted the screen shot in the guide shows the wrong ones, I will get it updated.

      • polynator polynator

        Ahh, thx. Meaning that PUID and PGID are inverted in the screenshot?

  11. Justin Justin

    So i am a minecraft noob and setting this up for my son and his friends. I see the server running and I enter my local IP address and the local port and I could not connect.

    I went into the logs for the Minecraft container and I noticed it keeps restarting as it says “Error:unable to access jarfile minecraft_server..jar

    Any thoughts?

  12. Justin Justin

    Also I see this in the log

    Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      I would probably scrap the container and start again. Sounds like something didn’t download correctly.

  13. MadOff MadOff

    Hello, i have a fail to login ! don’t how to fix it, thanks

  14. Justin Bennett Justin Bennett

    So i started over again and re-downloaded the container and followed the instructions EXACTLY (even with the PGID and PUID and EULA). I still get the same error.

    Checking type information.
    Skipping JSON check. No files present.
    Setting initial memory to 1G and max to 1G
    Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar
    Switching to user ‘minecraft’
    Checking version information.
    Checking type information.
    Skipping JSON check. No files present.
    Setting initial memory to 1G and max to 1G
    Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar
    Switching to user ‘minecraft’
    Checking version information.
    Checking type information.
    Skipping JSON check. No files present.
    Setting initial memory to 1G and max to 1G
    Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar

  15. Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

    Hey, I would check but my 1815+ went back to Synology as it died. I will get Docker installed on my 412+ and see if I get the same error

  16. MadOff MadOff

    I found, you have to add /FALSE in the server file on the line: network TRUE/FALSE

    • Justin Bennett Justin Bennett

      Is this within the environment tab on docker or someplace else? I have no environment variable called Network

  17. Justin Bennett Justin Bennett

    Any idea where I can modify this setting:

    I found, you have to add /FALSE in the server file on the line: network TRUE/FALSE

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Is this within the actual Minecraft server settings file

      • Justin Bennett Justin Bennett

        I have no idea… I was replying to MadOff who recommended making this change to possibly correct my error.

  18. Justin Bennett Justin Bennett

    Any update? Want to try again this weekend…. “Dr Frankenstein” would it be possible to screenshot you my setup because maybe I am missing something?

  19. MCinPDX MCinPDX

    Brilliant write-up. Had this running for the kids in about 15 minutes with the default properties file. Thanks much!

  20. lacojurdik lacojurdik

    Minecraft server works without any problems.
    I have NAS 1818+ 16GB RAM
    I would like to add minecraft forge with modes, is it possible?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      The server should work like any other all the files are located in the folder you specified in the setup. I have not done this myself though so just give it a go.

  21. Fabian Rehbein Fabian Rehbein

    anyone know the Envirement Values, when i try to run FTB Beyond 1.10.2 ?
    i just dont manage it to start the server

  22. just tried to set it up, after completion but keeps start/stopping and deleting the container.
    Anyone knows why this is happing, this is from the log:

    Level Date & Time User Event
    Information 2018/05/29 14:02:31 lokan Add image from
    Information 2018/05/29 14:45:31 lokan Create container itzg-minecraft-server1.
    Information 2018/05/29 14:45:31 lokan itzg-minecraft-server1 connect to network bridge.
    Information 2018/05/29 14:45:38 lokan Start container itzg-minecraft-server1.
    Information 2018/05/29 15:55:09 lokan Stop container itzg-minecraft-server1.
    Information 2018/05/29 15:56:11 lokan Create container itzg-minecraft-server2.
    Information 2018/05/29 15:56:11 lokan itzg-minecraft-server2 connect to network bridge.

  23. Vincent Vincent

    I can’t find the right IP adres to the server to connect? can someone tell me where i can find it ?

    • Vincent Vincent

      Sorry, i meant for extern connection. intern connection is fine ^^

  24. Vincent Vincent

    okay I solved that issue, does anyone know how to add extensions to it ?
    like how to use te ”/home” command

  25. Vincent Vincent

    or plugins i mean, sorry for the spam

  26. Sven Sven

    Hi Guys,

    i need some Serious Help here – i did everthing exactly as your turtorial said but i cannot make a shareable folder. everytime if i try to mount my /data to any folder on /volume1/docker/minecraft it will keep me hanging on :

    ERROR: unable to write eula to /data. Please make sure attached directory is writable by uid=1026

    any hints would be veeeeery grateful accepted!

    Thank you

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Is the user ID you are using to setup the container UID 1026 and part of the admin group

      • Sven Rohringer Sven Rohringer

        im using my admin account with 1024 and it also shows the same message.

        is id UID=XXX or PUID=xxx?

        Any help on this ?

        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          OK it has been a while since I set this up and it looks like the container has gained a ton of additional settings!.. however it looks like it sets most of them up itself.. there are two lots of ID settings

          I am updating the screenshot showing them as we speak, you need to use your details just like any other container..

          PGID = 101
          PUID = 1026

          then it looks like the actual server itself has permissions for within the docker container

          UID = 1000
          GID = 1000

  27. Seems like it is not working anymore 🙁 I always get ERROR: unable to write eula to /data

    • I added the UID and GID environment variables as well and gave the folder (on the NAS) read/write rights to Everyone, now it seems to work.

      • How do you give read/write rights to “everyone”? Is this on the /docker/minecraft folder? I don’t see any “data” folder and I just get the error: “ERROR: unable to write eula to /data. Please make sure attached directory is writable by uid=1000”

        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          Hi, you shouldn’t need to change any permissions to your folders. I can help if you ping me an email with a screenshot of your settings and get it working for you. drfranky at, I recently set this back up from fresh and all works fine.

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      I know I am asking obvious questions but did you accept the EULA in the settings as well?

  28. Hellangel Hellangel

    I Fixed it also with Permission “Everyone” Read/Write – in Minecraft Folder.
    otherwise the Share was empty. Now it works.

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Glad you sorted it happy playing

  29. Mikhail Mikhail

    Thank you so much for work! I got one question:
    What restrict memory allocation more that 1G? In log i see:
    “Setting initial memory to 1G and max to 1G”

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      That is the maximum memory the server will use, you can increase this to help performance. Assuming you have enough memory installed.

  30. AndiF AndiF

    Hi there,
    i installed this server and it runs. But i cant manage to connect with IPAD Minecraft. Any idee?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      This is a java addition server you need a bedrock edition.

  31. Patrick Patrick

    Hi, thx for the great explanation- helped to setup several minecraft docker servers in 2018… However I tried to connect to those servers now, but I received this error text$annotatedconnectexception connection refused

    do you have any idea, how to fix it?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      I have only ever had this error when trying to connect to my sons lan games when being hosted from his Windows machine and it was down to java being blocked by the firewall

      • Paul Paul


        Firstly, thank you for this guide. I have my first server up and running. My son and I have been playing for the past week and it’s been great.

        I added a second server following the same setup; however, I changed to port numbers to avoid any conflicts. I can still connect to my first server. My second server shows the same error message as the individual above (connection:refused). Any ideas on how to resolve?

        Thank you again.


        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          Hey, have you checked the logs for the second server, does it give any clues as to why it is refusing the connection or if it’s even picking up there is one..

          • Paul Paul

            Hey – not sure why I didn’t think to check the logs. I’m sure that I setup the correct ports while configuring the server; however, the file listed the same ports as my other server. I edited the file and updated the ports. They are both now working properly. Thank you again! I really appreciate you writing up this guide and for following up my question.

          • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

            No probs it’s always the most and in turn least obvious things that cause these problems, working through a similar head scratching issue with a VPN setup on a VPS I am renting. I am sure it’s going to be a simple fix staring me in the face (:

  32. Patrick Patrick

    Thank you for the tutorial.

    Once everything is set up and running, how can the environmental variables be changed?
    Are restrictions available, such as limit the number of players, and password protect access?

    Thank you,

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey, once the server is setup it works exactly the same way as any other. You can edit the server properties in the config folder. As well as load any plugins you want.

  33. Patrick Patrick

    Is it possible to login to my Minecraft server from a Windows 10 Minecraft edition?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Unfortunately not, this is an original Java edition server.

      • Tim Tim

        Hi Roman. Are your instructions done on a Synology server through an SSH command prompt?


      • Patrick Patrick

        Hi Roman, thank you for the docker image for the bedrock server. It works. However, the first time it ran for me it went by default to survival mode. Afterwards, I added the properties file specifying creative mode. But no matter what I do, turning the server off and back on, or even deleting the image and re-launching it, the bedrock server is stuck in survival mode; completely ignoring the property “gamemode=creative”.

        How can I switch it to creative mode?

  34. Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

    I have been tempted to setup the bedrock edition alongside this Java one as it seems to be more popular with all my sons friends playing on mobile

    • Tim Tim

      Did you happen to set up the Bedrock server? I went to the link that Roman posted above and downloaded/ran the image he linked, but it doesn’t do anything. I cannot connect to it when it is running. On the image download page, there are a whole lot of command-line instructions, but no directions on how/where to run them.

      Also, under Docker > Registry, there is an Official Minecraft Bedrock Server (search for Minecraft) under the name toasterlint/minecraft_bedrock. It links to this page:

      Like Roman’s link, it appears to only have command-line instructions, but no direction on how/where to go to actually input the instructions. I cannot find any “command-line” area in Docker itself.

      Would you happen to know how to utilize these command-line only Docker images?


      • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

        I am running the bedrock server. I don’t have my laptop with me so can let you know later which one I used, it was super easy to setup.

        • Tim Tim

          Thanks a bunch for your reply! I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I still cannot connect to the Bedrock Server. I have my container set up exactly like your screenshot, but Minecraft still cannot see the server. I am using the java version of Minecraft on Windows 10. Interestingly enough, I can still connect to the Vanilla Server per your original instructions, though, so I assume my Docker is still working properly.

          I’m more interested in the Bedrock server now, as my kids and their friends all have different devices and Minecraft versions (Windows java version, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPad, etc.) , which supposedly can all connect to the Bedrock version.

          I will keep messing with the settings, and I may even scrap the whole thing and start over. This is really frustrating, because it should be so simple to set up.

          I just want to say “thank you” again for your time and effort here.


          • Hi Tim
            The problem is that the Java version and Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE, or also called Bedrock) are two complete separate games. In order to play with all other Bedrock devices, you need to use Minecraft for Windows 10 from the Windows Store, then you will be able to join the server from my docker image.

        • pdblood pdblood

          I followed these instructions and have the bedrock server running on by DS218+. The server shows up as a LAN Game on both Windows 10 and Android, but when I try to connect it fails with this message: “You need to authenticate to Microsoft services.” I am logged in with my Microsoft account on both Windows and Android. For some reason it seems that the server is unable to verify my username with Microsoft?

          I can only find one other instance of this issue online, and it was posted just a few days ago. It seems it was not resolved:

          When I set online-mode=false in, it works.

          I have been able to join other LAN games on Xbox One just fine from this Windows 10 system, so it is something with bedrock server or this particular server setup with Docker on Synology. Any ideas?

  35. Kobob Kobob

    Hello I am completely new with synology, and just wondering if it is possible for people to connect from a different wifi? Do they just enter my external IP address or do all players have to be connected on the same wifi? If so, is it possible to port forward to open up the server?

  36. Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

    If you have a Synology box you can make it nice and easy by using the built in DDNS service from Synology, You can have your friends connect to for example and just forward the appropriate port in your router.. that’s how I do it.

    • Tim Tim

      Could you please post a step-by-step on how to set up the DDNS so that outside friends can connect to my Bedrock server (now working!)?

      I have a Synology RT2600ac router. I went into the router’s Network Center and added a DDNS entry. For the sake of this question, let’s (falsely) call it Everything completes fine here, and it tells me that the connection is fine. I then went to the Port Forwarding section and added a rule to forward outside traffic on port 19132 to my server at it’s IP

      When I try to get someone to ping, it tells them it is blocked and cannot be pinged. When I put that address in my web browser, I end up at my Synology Router login page (not good!).

      I can send screenshots of the DDNS entry and port forwarding entry if that would help. You might be able to spot any problem straight away.

      Thanks again for your time!


    • Patrick Patrick

      I have the same problem as Tim. I also port-forwarded 19132, but from the outside this port appears closed. Why would that be?

  37. Kevin Kevin

    Hello, I hope you can help me…I followed you excellent guide but nobody can connect to the server. My kids are using Macs to connect to the minecraft server, but it fails with no error. I can’t ping the IP address that was assigned by Docker/Synology. Any ideas?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey Kevin you may need to check the ports you specified during setup as the container could be running on non default port numbers.

  38. Tim Tim

    Hi Dr_Frankenstein, thanks for the guide. I got my Minecraft docker set up and running on my DS718+ (8GB RAM), but my version of Minecraft (Java version on Windows 10) cannot see any local servers when checking Multiplayer. I have manually added my server’s IP address ( both with and without the ports (25565 and 25575) to the Minecraft Multiplayer section, but no love. I know it’s a long-shot, but any clues?



    • Tim Tim

      So… I just tried connecting to the Minecraft server with local ports (32775 in my case) instead of the Docker ports (25565 and 25575), and it connected fine. If you have the time, maybe you could update your guide with instructions on how to connect to the Minecraft server once it is set up properly. Thanks again for the guide!



      • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

        Hey Tim, glad you figured it out, the port settings can be tricky as it always depends if you specified your own ones during setup process or not.

  39. B_S B_S


    will this server version work with ipads ?
    because i can´t connect to it using ipads.

    Both ports are open

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      No see my previous comments, you need a Bedrock server.

  40. Dams57 Dams57


    Thanks for this tutorial. The most complete I’ve seen on the net now
    By disabling the DSM 6.2 Firewall it works fine.

    But by activating the firewall I have an authentication problem
    Authentication servers are unavailable. Please retry later. Sorry!

    En Français “Les serveurs d’authenfication sont indisponibles. Veuillez réessayer ultérieurement. Désolé!”

    An idea of ​​the rule to apply?

    Thx a lot

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey, have you tried allowing Port 25565 through the firewall this is the port clients usually connect to in order to play. So it may be used for authentication as well.

      • Dams57 Dams57

        Thank you for your quick reply. I put your site in my favorites. 🙂

        Without the firewall DSM (6.2) it works 100%, it’s great.
        If I enable the DSM firewall (6.2) with the rule “Port 25565 TCP for all the world” it does not work anymore.

        This is the first time for me that I use a docker. There may be basic parameter that I do not know …?

      • Dams57 Dams57

        I had to apply rule TCP Allowed Port 25565

        It works ! but is it normal to do that?

      • Dams57 Dams57

        No error
        Finally still the same firewall problem 🙁

      • Dams57 Dams57

        Finally Fix !

        I had to apply rule AND sub-network TCP Allowed ALL Port (1-65565)

        It works !

        But is it normal to do that?

        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          I am not sure but it looks like you just opened up all ports on the firewall to that IP.

          • Dams57 Dams57

            I think I’m obliged …
            Only port 25565 does not work
            After I left in search of the port. 1 to 20000, then 20001 to 40000, … etc. Sometimes it worked (log in -> log off -> log in) but sometimes it does not work.

            I get the impression that the minecraft docker uses random authentication ports

  41. Hi
    Just trying to get this setup. Everything seems to start ok but i cant see the server from the LAN. Is there any way of testing using telnet or something to test something is running on the port ?

    • it appears my synology is underspeced and struggling. need to upgrade it

      • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

        What box do you have? Most likely as it tends to eat up RAM usage

  42. Ricky Ricky

    Is there any way to modify the initial ram usage on its own?

    • Ricky Ricky

      Also any instructions on how to add mods to this instructions you have already provided?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      There is a environment variable I think it’s set to 1gb though, you can add mods just pop them in the mods folder.

      • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

        Just realised this is the Vanilla server. See my other guide for the Spigot server.

  43. Ricky Ricky

    did didn’t see the variable for the initial, but thanks.
    So vanilla isn’t ready for mods but your older build is?

  44. Zak Zak

    Is this still valid for today’s release 9-13-2019? I want to try it but want to make sure it will work. I have a 2019NAS I just gotten.

  45. R R

    What is the ITZG minecraft server we are getting pointed to? What are we getting? If it is the setup software can we import it ourselves? Forgot to add this.

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      ITZG is the person who put together this particular docker, you can either select ‘Latest’ or a specific version when you download the image

  46. Jasen Michael Jasen Michael

    UDP not TCP, but other than that pretty smooth

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Thanks, TCP still works just fine

  47. Egrazil Egrazil

    Thanks for this tutorial, it really helped me a lot, I just have a few questions.

    1. you mentioned being able to change setting like memory limits after setting it up, how do that?

    2. how do I make the server whitelisted?

    3. How do I change gamerules, like allowing cheats, or giving players creative

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey, glad the tutorial was useful, once the server is up it is exactly the same as any other Minecraft server, you can edit the server config file to enable cheats, whitelists etc

      • Egrazil Egrazil

        my config file folder is empty, do I need to add a file?
        also where would I find information about Minecraft servers in general?

        • Egrazil Egrazil

          okay, so I did some research, and I think I can make my questions more specific.

          1. I think i found the file i needed, it was the I opened it in notepad, but it is all one line. I looked at the minecraft wiki, and it showed that file as having multiple lines. Am I missing something? should I use a program other than notepad?

          2. how do I change the maximum amount of ram it can use, I’m not seeing any information on this, and I can’t find a way to change it without creating a new container.

          thank you so more for helping with this though!

          • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

            It’s worth having Notepad++ installed as that will format the file correctly for you.


            Sorry my memory fooled me I swear the memory limit was set in the file but its actually an environment variable called MEMORY with the variable being the amount of GB you want to assign, e.g MEMORY (the variable) 6GB (the value) obviously change the number to what you need.

  48. Egrazil Egrazil

    sweet, thanks!

  49. xbert xbert

    Thank you for this guide Dr_Frankenstein, worked great 🙂

  50. Uffe Dahl Plet Uffe Dahl Plet

    Dos this needs på be my ip from my service previter (local host)? i cant connect to my server. i have read the guide 3 times.
    open my router :

    tcp 25567 25567 25567 25567 192.168.10. 20

    19:08:08] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting Minecraft server on localhost:25567

    my port is open

    What em i doing wrong.

  51. This guide was great and I managed to get it running, dumb question how do you update to latest version of minecraft server?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      You can specify the version in the Environment variables section. It’s the VERSION setting

  52. Patrick Patrick

    Following the setup above for a Minecraft Java server, I keep getting the error: Docker container stopped unexpectedly. This happens repeatedly. The log of the container shows the following:

    [init] Downloading minecraft_server..jar …
    curl: (6) Could not resolve host:
    [init] ERROR failed to obtain version manifest URL (6)

    Any idea?

      • Patrick. Patrick.

        Thank you. I had found that page also, but I am not sure what to do with that information within the Synology NAS.

        I deleted the container, and then set it up again, but I am getting the same problem. I can run a Bedrock server (roemer) fine.

        Somehow, the DNS doesn’t work (I do have a DNS server set up on my Synology). Online, there are suggestions to force the Docker container to use a DNS server (–dns, but I don’t know how to implement that on the Synology.

        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          Lets try manually setting a DNS server in the Syno network settings in the ‘Manually configure a DNS Server’ box, I use, then restart the container, as this sounds like whichever DNS provider you currently have is blocking where the container is trying to fetch the minecraft file from.

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