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Userguide updates and a new writer!

Hey all

A couple of quick updates, first off I would like to introduce a new writer Havoc79, we got talking over on the Synology subreddit and he wanted to help out setting up some new guides and had some good ideas around the existing ones.

He has started to write up some lower level configuration guides which I know people were looking for, they will cover how to actually setup the applications once you have them setup in Docker.

In addition we are going to start modularising the userguides, you have probably noticed a lot of the intial steps are the same across all setups, this will make it a much easier excercise to update the guides if and when the Synology GUI changes.

We will also be making edits to the existing guides to line up our filepaths as we both have slightly different setups, I will begin using my 412+ purely for the guides from here on out, and start to edit the site to make everything easy to find.

If anyone would like to help out or has suggestions let us know.

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  1. scott scott

    I dont know if this is a huge issue or not, but I think some people may think docker cant be used on their Synology NAS because for me, the DS416play was listed as not being able to use Docker despite having specs allowing it to run it. A solution was posted here to allow people to run it if Synology says you cannot use it on the NAS you have. It obviously wont work for everyone, but it will work for DS416play models because thats what I have.

  2. \S/ \S/

    Hi there, Is this site dead ? I notice there’s been nothing loaded since 2017. ive used you setup guides and they work perfectly,. I’ve been searching for a guide for Synology Docker and torrenting with a built in VPN client. Would appreciate a guide on this please.

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey certainly not dead, I mainly write guides for the items I use. I don’t really torrent and don’t have a VPN so makes it difficult to write something up. As with all my other guides it was trial and error.

      I do need to some new write ups keep things ticking along

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