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Configuring Sonarr/Radarr on Synology (Docker)

The following guide was last edited 6/14/2017 using Sonarr and Radarr

In the past, I recommended following the guide by our friends at HTPC Guides for the general setup.  I will provide a streamlined version.  Before proceeding, you will need an account with a premium indexer.  You should be able to easily find your API key on their site.

Open up the Sonarr web interface at http://ipaddress:8989

Click on the Settings button across the top.

Let’s start in the Media Management tab, I recommend to enable rename episodes and customize it to your liking.  I recommend including the Quality, it isn’t strictly required, but it will help if you want Sonarr to scan existing unknown files.  Again totally person preference.  In my case I also like to use space as the separator and label season folders without spelling out the word season.

Now onto the Indexers tab.  Note that the indexer Womble is no longer available.  I just use a one premium provider.

Click the gigantic plus (+) sign.  Then select your provider.  Most are located under the NewzNab, but you can also choose custom.  If your provider is listed, it should automatically pull in the API URL.  If unsure, you can always check with your provider.  Now just plug in your assigned API, click test.

You should receive confirmation that the test worked in the lower right part of the screen.

Now click Save.

You will now be back at the Indexers main screen.  You may leave these options on the defaults.


Now onto the Download Client tab.  Our example will be using NZBGet.   Click the huge plus button and then select the NZBGet.   Input your nzbget information. Note that the default username is nzbget and password is tegbzn6789.

The category Series is enabled in nzbget by default, if you want it to be called tv you must first change the category name in nzbget, save all changes and reload the server. Bear in mind the category here is case sensitive for nzbget so ‘series’ won’t work unless you have changed it in nzbget from ‘Series’ to ‘series’.  I stayed with using tv.


Hit test, you should see the notification and hit Save.

You will now be back at the Download Client tab.  I prefer to enable all 4 items here.  Some people leave Completed Download Handling -> Remove at No.  I prefer setting it as Yes. This removes history items from nzbget after they have been imported. For nzbget that means the history item becomes ‘hidden’.

Important note before continuing.  Now that we use Completed Download Handling, we no longer use any Drone Factory capabilities.  Clicking the advanced tab will reveal these fields.  Check out this thread for more info.  Drone Factory must be empty and Drone Factory interval must be zero.

Lastly, in preparation for a reverse proxy guide, go to the General tab, and add ‘sonarr’ to the URL base.  Note that this will change your access URL to:

I wanted to add a special note about my setup with tv and kids_tv folders.  Upon using the import series on disk option, I was able to add both folders.  This will lock in their corresponding paths as new shows air.  Upon going to add a new series, I have both folders as options their as well.  I could always select to add other path too.


Now onto Radarr.  It is extremely intuitive and mirror what you just did for Sonarr.  Add the indexer and Download Client the exact same way.  As you are adding the Download Client, be careful to label the category as case sensitive.  On mine I had to change to a lowercase m in movies.

Again under the Download Client advanced settings, Drone Factory must be empty and Drone Factory interval must be zero.

You are now all setup and ready to start your collection.

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  1. Chet Lemon Chet Lemon

    can’t resize images, they are too small to read!

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      We will get them fixed very shortly!

  2. Paul Paul

    This and your docker post have been a life saver. One problem I can’t get around in my Radarr/Docker install is the download folder location. I want to use a download share folder outside of Docker, but I can’t seem to be able to browse to it. Even when I set the /downloads path in Docker to an outside location, it doesn’t help. I can only navigate up as far as root folder that includes downloads, along with bin, config, lib etc.

    How can see the dirs I see in my Sonnar install, which I have set up as a regular package? From there, I can see the normal folder structure that includes volume1 and below.

  3. Lanval Lanval


    Your pages for NZBGet and Sonarr setup have been spot on to me being able to set everything up and get running. But now I want to change some things.

    I run a synology box, and I want to save the files under Video/TVShows so that I can use the DSVideo app and stream to my TV.

    I have played around with volumes and paths both in NZBGet and Sonarr, such as /downloads – video/TVShows but no luck.

    Do you know what I need to set to have them stored in the video/TVShows directory.

    Sure would appreciate any help.


  4. Tobias.K Tobias.K

    Dude, this was by far the BEST guides i read regarding Docker on Synology! Keep the guides coming!

    On request, could you do a guide how to setup VPN and use that for the Docker containers?

  5. jaysek jaysek

    Love your tutorials. Can you make a post on how to setup SSL and reverse proxy with synology. I haven’t found anything as good as your totorials on these topics. Thanks.

    • Joey Joey

      +1 and both loving tutorial and ask for SSL

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