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Updating Containers in the Synology Docker Package

I have seen this asked quite a few times across Discord and the comments section, so here is the nice simple guide to updating your containers manually via the Synology Docker package.

I will likely do a guide on how to do this via something like Watchtower at some point!


  • When I update my container(s) will I lose all my configuration?
    • No, a container is designed to be disposable, if you have followed my guides or the documentation of the container all your configuration files should be on you local filesystem.

Step 1

Head over to the registry tab in the Docker interface, and search for the container you are looking to update.

In this example we are updating Radarr (make sure you are downloading the same image as you originally used)

Click the download button and select ‘latest’ from the list of options (side note if you are updating Prowlarr it will be the ‘AMD-64-Develop’ option)

While the updated image is downloading move to step 2..

Step 2

Next head into the list of your containers on the ‘Container’ tab and stop any containers you are updating.

Once your new image has finished downloading (check in the image tab) move onto the final step

Step 3

Now we are going to initiate the update, select the container you are updating and either click on Action at the top of the screen or right click on the container and select Action from the drop down menu.

On DSM7 you will click the ‘Reset’ option \ DSM6 this is called ‘Clear’

After a few seconds your container will vanish and then a few seconds later it will re-appear.

This has completed the update process and you can either manually start the container again, or if you have the auto start option enabled it will start up itself.

You will need to repeat this process for each container.

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  1. thanks a lot for all your guides… It would be really nice if you could produce a tutorial to access docker container from outside your network (over the internet).

  2. Nick Nick

    Worked like a CHARM for updating SAB. Which I orginally installed and setup via your DSM 7.0 Guide, Thank You Sir!

  3. lacojurdik lacojurdik

    Great, how simple 🙂

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