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Planned Guides

I get quite a few requests for guides each month so I though I would make a list of stuff I would like to do.

#Docker ContainerProgress/ETAComments
1LidarrLiveWent live 19/09/2021
2PiHoleLiveWent live 20/09/2021
3ProwlarrLiveWent live 24/09/2021
4Plex1% doneRequires a Docker Compose for Hardware acceleration so will do a split guide.
5Bitwarden (Vaultwarden)Not startedWorks great, pretty simple to setup so might move up the list
5SpotwebNot startedI have been using this for a few years and useful to have a local NZB indexer, a little more advanced than the usual guides as involves a MariaDB and PHPmyAdmin container
6OpenVPN ContainerNot startedI just set this up myself, it’s a little more advanced requires a script to enable a TUN on Synology and Docker-Compose – Jump on Discord for help in the interim