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Docker Version and Memory Recommendations

Hey so this is a new page that covers some basics that I get questions about fairly often and applies to most guides.

Container Manager or Docker?

The version of Diskstation Manager (DSM) you have installed on your Synology will define which Package for Docker itself is available to you.

Each of my guides has the appropriate icon on its featured image, so you know if you are following the correct one for your NAS.

For DSM versions 7.1 and below the package will be called Docker and have this icon – It can be installed via Package Center.

Container Manager is the new UI for Docker on DSM7.2 and above. It received a number of improvements over the previous Docker package including the ability to use Docker Compose from the UI. It can be installed via Package Center.

Memory Limitations

Synology generally includes enough memory out of the box to get basic DSM feature running and NAS file serving duties. For example the 220+ and 224+ come with 2GB of memory.

You will have significant performance issues as you start to add Docker containers into the mix as the system will have to cull applications from memory and move them to swap on your drives. Typically, I would recommend upgrading to a minimum of 8GB of total RAM which will give you overall performance improvements. If you can afford to add more it will all be used as Linux also uses it for file caching.

Recommended Memory

So you have two paths here. Either buy Synologys official memory modules which are significantly more expensive or use ‘unofficial’ kits. Largely for most people the latter is more attractive and comes with pretty much no downsides if you choose the correct modules.

On our Discord server we have started collating some known good model numbers. I will update the list below as more are added!

Ensure you use the exact model number and not a variant, want to add something to the list. leave a comment!

Model NoDSM Version TestedManufacturerModule Used
1815+DSM 7.1.1Crucial (Micron)2x8GB
1515+DSM 6.xCrucial (Micron)2x8GB
1821+DSM 7.2Kingston (Micron E)2x16GB (KSM26SES8/16ME)
1821+DSM 7.2Crucial (Micron)2x16GB Kit
1520+DSM 7.2Crucial (Micron)1x16GB Kit
1520+DSM 7.2.1Samsung1x16GB Kit
923+DSM 7.2Kingston1x16GB
920+DSM 7.2Crucial1x8GB Kit
920+DSM 7.2Crucial (Micron)1x16GB Kit
920+DSM 7.2Crucial (Micron)1x16GB Kit
920+DSM 7.2Crucial (Micron)1x16GB
920+DSM 7.2Samsung1x16GB
220+DSM 7.2Kingston1x16gb
220+DSM 7.2Crucial (Micron)1x8GB
412+DSM 6.xKingston1x4GB
RS1221+DSM 7.2KingstonKSM26SED8/16MR
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