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Spotweb Not Backfilling

Hey you should be here from clicking on the FAQ. The steps below will fix the issue where Spotweb only pulls releases from the date of installation/setup.

31/03/2024 – A small update, before continuing try using this command via SSH it should trigger a backfill. This can take some time so please wait at least 15 minutes after running the command.

SSH Config
sudo docker exec spotweb /usr/bin/php /app/retrieve.php --retro 

Step 1 – Add PHPMyAdmin to the Project.

Stop the Spotweb Project and then make this edit to the yaml configuration by adding this code below.

    image: phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin:latest
    hostname: phpmyadmin
    container_name: phpmyadmin
      - PMA_HOST=
      - 3309:80/tcp
    network_mode: synobridge
      - spotweb_db
    restart: unless-stopped

Click Save and then Rebuild the project from the action menu

Step 2 – Editing the Database

In your list of Containers stop just the Spotweb one leaving PHPMyAdmin running as well as MariaDB.

Now go to your NASIP:3309 and you should see the PHPMyAdmin login screen. You will use the credentials you set up for the Spotweb database.

Once logged in Click the Spotweb database on the left side of the screen

Step 3 – Flushing the Tables

We are going to flush out the data held in the following tables this will reset all the spots but you will not lose any other settings. Make sure you ONLY select the ones listed below by ticking the checkbox next to each.

  • cache
  • commentsfull
  • commentsposted
  • commentsxover
  • moderedringbuffer
  • reportsposted
  • reportsxover
  • spots
  • spotsfull
  • spotstatelist
  • usenetstate

Now at the bottom of the list you will see a drop down ‘With Selected’ click the ‘Empty’ option..

On the pink screen that appears UNCHECK the ‘Enable Foreign Key Checks’ option and press ‘Yes’

Step 4 – Setting the correct start date

This is the final step! You should now be back in the list of Tables. Click on the one called ‘Settings’ in the list of items shown you will see one called 'Retrieve_Newer_Than' double-click on it and change it from its current setting to 1257030000

This will autosave when you click out of the box.

You can now close PHPMyAdmin and back in Container Manager start the Spotweb container again.

After 5 minutes Spotweb will begin a Retrieve after about 10 minutes you should start seeing decade old Spots. – writing Synology Docker Guides since 2016 – Join My Discord!