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Coming back together

I have moved my hosting to my domain provider so finally I can get the guides back up and running! just imported into a fresh WordPress install so give me the weekend to get all my images back in the posts!

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  1. kadaj kadaj

    Hi there welcome back. I used your tutorials to get docker running on my Synology but i was wondering do you maybe got Autosub running on your Synology in Docker? I don’t get it to work?

    I get the autosub running, reachable by the port/internet but when i map a volume for example my series folder he starts scanning but can’t scan it. When i enter a faulty folder that is not connected by the volume then he says no access.

    Autosub docker i found:

    This is the application autosub on github:

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      I had not heard of Autosub until now, I generally use the Subzero plug in on Plex to handle any missing subtitles. I will take a look tonight to see if I can figure out what you are doing.

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