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DSM 7.1 Synology Docker UI Updates

Hi All

DSM 7.1 has just released, and it brings a number of UI changes to the Synology Docker UI meaning a lot of my guides will require tweaks and screenshot updates. I am going to begin working on these in the background, it’s likely going to take a few weeks.

I am trying to decide if I should keep the 7.0 versions up for a few months and dual run while everyone upgrades. I know I am going to hold out on my main 1821+ on 7.0 for a while, but my 1815+ has been running the Beta/RC for a couple of months.

Head over to Discord if you have upgraded already and need any help.


The Dr

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  1. Tim Jarrett Tim Jarrett

    So where do you get Docker for DSM7 ? It isn’t in the approved Synology package list.

  2. Ben Ben

    I can’t create or modify docker containers since the update, also not on *1306. Am I missing something?

  3. i’ve upgraded my synology yesterday and i can say that everything is still working, i just had to reinstall my indexers and download client, that’s it

  4. Kaj Kaj

    I think many of us will wait a few months before upgrading, just to see if it’s stable and without problems, so keeping the DSM 7.0 guides for a while would be good. You might even consider having a DSM 7.0 and DSM 7.1 section in your guides.

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