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DSM7 / Docker Guides and Discord

Hi All

I don’t really post blog style posts but I tend to get similar questions in the comments and thought it would be easier to post up something.

Docker Guides

I am currently working through another big update to the guides, I thought I had managed to update them to enable instant file moves and hard-linking, however I was incorrect and have since learned how to setup this correctly.

This will involve a complete rewrite of the guides if you followed them previously they still work perfectly well but may not be completely efficient.


With the release of DSM7 I suspect a lot of users who have upgraded will be looking to move to Docker as the new DSM has broken (at least for now) a lot of community packages. This is what originally drove me to docker.

I will be bringing all of the screenshots and guides in line with the new interface.


I often get asked for help with issues that people come across when setting up for the first time, the comments section on WordPress is not really working for for helping people out. So I have setup a site Discord community, come over if you are looking for some help.

Thanks, Dr_Frankenstein

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  1. Pierre Pierre

    Thank you for the guides. I was able to access nzbget, radarr, sonarr remotely before docker but now I cant. Any advice as to how to set this up ?

  2. JP JP

    Thanks for these great guides. For the deluge guide, can you tell us how to set up a PIA VPN using OpenVPN that VPN that container?

  3. XmalevolenceX XmalevolenceX

    Can you do a complete guide on how to use the programs you have guides for to automatically download media (Movies/Tv Shows). I have them all downloaded but I dont know how to make them work together.


    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      No plans to do this at the moment, it would be a lot of work to maintain, jump over on Discord if you have some specific questions.

  4. Sgtalex77 Sgtalex77

    Hello Doc πŸ˜‰
    I have a DS720+ That I want to run Sonarr, Nzbget & Plex on DSM7. You have great instructions for Sonarr, Nzbget in Docker, on DSM7. My question is for the scenario above would I install Plex in Docker, or just use the plex install from Synology?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey, use Docker I just helped someone setup on Discord, the Docker version will allow you to do tone mapping for HDR content. You will have to setup the container via SSH using Docker run or a Docker Compose file..

      • Alex Alex

        You wouldn’t have any instructions for that part would you?
        I’m not a Unix guy so setting up via the ssh is allot to take on lol

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