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Minecraft (Bedrock / Console Edition) Server in Docker on a Synology NAS

Please note if you are using DSM7.2 or higher you should use the Container Manager version of this guide from the menu.
This guide has reached the end of its updates as most people are now on the latest DSM update - This guide is correct as of 08/12/2023 however no further updates will be added.
Due to an upstream issue/change the method to add people to the allow list has changed – guide updated to reflect this (See the compose and notes below)
Also added a new section on how to open up Remote Play using your own address.
Historic updates now at the end of the guide.

In this guide I am going to take you through the steps to get a Minecraft Bedrock server up and running in Docker on a Synology NAS.

What is the Bedrock Edition?

The Bedrock edition is the version used by all consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone, and the Windows store edition. If you are looking for a JAVA edition see my other guide.

In order for you to successfully use this guide please complete the two additional steps below

Downloading the Container

Open up Docker within DSM and navigate to the ‘Registry’ tab and search for ITZG in the keyword box.

Within the results right click and download the ‘ITZG|Minecraft-Bedrock-Server’, When it asks which version number to download select ‘Latest’

Setting up the container

Now we have downloaded the container and got hold of our user IDs we can move onto the next stage.

Go back into Docker and click on the ‘Image’ tab, in the list of your containers select the ITZG minecraft bedrock server, and click on ‘Launch’

You will be greeted with the Network screen, we will be using the bridge network, this allows us to specify the ports we want to use.

Next you will be greeted with the General Settings screen, this is where you can start specifying some of your preferences.

You can change the name of the container to anything you like, and you may want to enable Auto Restart as this will ensure the server starts automatically if you reboot your NAS.

We won’t be change any of the other settings.

Next up we are going to click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ button, this will take you to a new window with a number of tabs which we are going to work through.


We are now going to set up the specific options for the server some of these will be set based on your preference.

Add each of the values below by clicking the ‘Add’ button at the top of the screen and then entering each of the values below.

These are the minimum settings I would use, you can see a full list on ITZG’s GitHub including how to give permissions to your users. Take note that some items are UPPERCASE and some are lowercase. This is how they should be set.

UIDYOURUIDUID you obtained earlier
GIDYOURGIDGID you obtained earlier
EULAtrueThis accepts the Minecraft EULA, without this the server will not run
VERSIONlatestThis keeps the server updated to the latest release.
You can also change this to a specific version such as 1.18.10 which is useful if Microsoft updates the server version before releasing new clients!
SERVER_NAMEGive your server a name
SERVER_PORT19132don’t change this
GAMEMODEcreative, survival, adventure
DIFFICULTYpeaceful, easy, normal, hard
ONLINE_MODEtrue or false (true will require you to be signed in to Xbox Live when playing)
OPSyourxuidIn order to get your xuid you will need to visit this site enter your xbox/microsoft gamertag and select decimal (DEC) in the options
WHITE_LISTtrue / falsesee the section further on in the guide for the steps to add people to the White List

You do not need to set up anything on these tabs.

Press ‘Save’ to go back to the initial setup screen, then press ‘Next’

Port Settings

On this screen enter 19132 in the left-hand side of the page in the Local Port section and then click Next

Volume Settings

We can now specify the directory where Minecraft will store its configuration files.

Click on Add Folder, click on the docker folder and create a new sub-folder called ‘minecraftbedrock’ select this folder and click ‘select’

Now we need to specify where this folder will be mounted inside the container. As per the screenshot/table below, enter /data into the ‘Mount path’.

File/FolderMount path

Click on Next and you will be taken to an overall summary screen, just do a quick sanity check to make sure they are correct. If you want to launch the server immediately check the box and click on Done.

Adding People to the White List

We can now add additional people to the White List otherwise you will get errors when they attempt to connect

Open up Docker and within the Container list select the Bedrock Server and click Details.

On the Terminal that appears type allowlist add then the exact name of the Friend you want to add including any Capital letters and press Enter.

Connecting to the Server

There are two ways to connect to the server, either via the Friends tab or by adding it manually to the Servers tab in Minecraft. Using your NAS IP:19132

(Optional Extra for Remote Play)

So your friends have an easy way to play remotely lets set up an address for them to connect to!

Before we start, make sure you have registered for a Synology Account as we are going to be using their DDNS service.

DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System)

A DDNS address allows you to get external access to Minecraft via an address provided by Synology, this is useful on home internet connections where your ISP will change your IP address on a regular basis.

In the DSM Control panel go to ‘External Access’ and then to the ‘DDNS’ tab

Click on ‘Add’, then fill out the following sections.

Service ProviderSynology
HostnameThis will be the address used to identify your NAS so make it personal to you not specific to this guide. = BAD
myawesomenas.synology,me =GOOD
Email:Log into your Synology account
External Address (IPv4)This should be filled in automatically
External Address (IPv6)This should be filled in automatically if your ISP is using IPv6
Get a Cert from Let’s EncryptTick this box
Enable HeartbeatTick this box

Now press OK, DSM will apply your settings. It can take a few moments to set up and the DSM interface will refresh. You will likely receive a certificate error which you will need to accept to get back into DSM.

The final step will be to forward port 19132 on your Router to your NAS IP. You will need to refer to your Routers manual on how to do this. As we are using the default Minecraft Bedrock port other players just need to use the address you set up to connect.

You are now all setup and ready to play…

Historic UpdatesDate
New guide released23/02/2022
DSM7.1 Update with new screenshots and steps27/05/2022
Added some other useful variables to get the basics setup on a server23/06/2022
Added new port settings and Docker Bridge Network23/07/2022
Compose version number removed and small wording amendments09/04/2023
Historic Updates

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  1. Snacker Snacker

    Hi – thanks for the super clear guide. I have followed it and all works great with the Bedrock Level world.

    The challenge I have, and it is not specific to your install method, I get it every which way I try, but when I try to run the server on a custom world (eg skyblock) it immediately crashes the server.

    The container log doesn’t seem to tell me much, just ‘Crash’ a CrashReporter Key and a time stamp with INFO at __clone (UnknownFile:?)

    Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!!!

  2. Rick O'Shay Rick O'Shay

    I have a lan server up and working, and I have port forwarded 19132 so it could be accessed via Wan, but here is my problem, how do others connect? There is no option to input an ip address or url in bedrock on Xbox. How can a friend outside my local network join my server?

  3. Tony Tony


    PS5 question – When I go to LAN Games my server shows up, when I select it it tells me “You’re not invited to play on this server.” Any idea why? Thanks!

  4. Michael Michael

    Thanks for this great guide. I have set it up and been playing with my son for a while now.
    Now I want to allow his friend to play with him, but I can not see how allow the friend onto the server. The are using xbox and don’t have the option to just put in the server address details like you can from PC.

  5. Daniel Smith Daniel Smith

    Many thanks on the great instructions, I now have a Lan Server running which i can access on my PC and my child can access via PS4.
    Next i was looking to setup a second LAN Server so i can have one Creative and one Survival. Not much info out there for setting up TWO. have tried various combos of port setting.
    Got the following with different setting.
    Creative visible under LAN, Sur visible Server: not good as PS4 wont see the second.
    Both visible under LAN, but both load into the Creative world, even there are pointing to different folders and server.prop files.

    Would you be kind enough to share any points on setting up two different Servers in Docker.

    Many Thanks.

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey, I am having some email issues at the moment. All my emails to you are getting rejected – I will get some time tomorrow to fire up two servers to test what I originally sent you (no idea why I can’t reply to you!)

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