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Spotweb in Container Manager on Synology NAS

Last updated on 15 February 2024

Spotweb Settings

We can now log in as the admin user and get some settings in place to grab all the Spots.

Login to the UI on the top right of the screen using the default credentials


Once logged we need to change the Admin password as this will be separate from the user we will use for all the other normal functions

Click on the Admin username > Change User and in the screen that appears change the password. Don’t amend the permissions at the bottom of the screen.

Once done click Change. Then Click the Admin user again, but this time select ‘Add User’ from the drop-down.

You can now create a new user for the main account you will use with Radarr etc. Fill in the required details then click Add. You will be given a password for the user you can change this later on if you wish.

Now let’s get our News Server details added, so the Spots can be retrieved.

Click on Config > Settings > Newsservers

Enter the details for your Usenet provider, this will be exactly the same as the ones used for SABnzbd or NZBGet.

Next we will change the Retrieve Settings on the next tab, by default Spotweb will download all the spots back to 2009 so ideally just leave that date as is.

OptionWhat it does
Retrieve Full SpotsTurn Off
This will pull the full information about each spot this includes any images and text included with them. Only turn this on if you want to hoard gigabytes of information for the last 14+ years.

By default, only headers are pulled and when you click on a Spot the other information is dynamically pulled.
Retrieve CommentsTurn Off
This turns comments on or off
Retrieve Full CommentsTurn Off
This will pull all comments on every spot again this will take a very long time and are generally not useful only works if the above setting is also turned on.
Retrieve ReportsTurn On
This pulls any reports (e.g. spam reports) that users have made, so you can avoid those spots.

After you press ‘Change’ Spotweb will begin the automated cron job based on the setting you used in the compose, the initial pull will take a while so be patient and don’t stop the container.

These settings are only available to the Admin user so if you ever want to change them or the various other preferences login with Admin.

Finally log out of the Admin user account and log in with your main user you created.

You can find your API key for Sonarr/Radarr/Prowlarr in the Change User screen

You are now complete see the FAQ for some common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

My Spots only seem to be populating from the day I set up Spotweb!

This seems to happen fairly often, I have raised an issue on Github I have created a separate page to solve the issue.

Where are all the releases?

Spotweb has over 14 years of releases, it is going to take some time to completely backfill your local copy, the cron job we set up earlier will begin this process for you automatically and works oldest to newest.

Also note this will only backfill as far as your provider has days of retention.

How do I add Spotweb to Radarr, Sonarr, Prowlarr etc?

Click on your username in the top right and then ‘Change User’

In the screen that pops up, you will find the API key for your user, you can use this along with the IP address and port of your installation as a Newznab Indexer.

How can I send releases to NZBGet or SabNZBd while browsing the UI?

Click on Config > Change Preferences > NZB Handling. You can then fill in your details, using the ‘Call’ option. You will then find a download arrow appears in the WebUI next to each release.

I am having an issue that is not listed!

The best way to contact me is via Discord or the help page.

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  1. I get error ‘service “spotweb” depends on undefined service mariadb: invalid compose’

    i currently run mariadb for my bitwarden project, but dont think there is anything conflicting here.

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Apologies I missed a line edit in last night’s amendments, adjust lines 16/17/18

      condition: service_healthy

  2. Martijn Martijn

    Im running spotweb in docker on my synoogy.
    How can I change the text on the main login page?
    Im searching but I have no idea how to do this

    Many thanks

  3. Arjan Onnink Arjan Onnink

    just a question- I installed last year the Sotweb install from this site ( old procedure) and worked erfect till today Now I get a failed message:

    HY000: 144: Table ‘./spotweb/spots’ is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

    How can i Easely correct this Databasd issue. I’m a starter on MariaDB/SQL database

    Can yoeuplease assist me?


    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey, spotted your email. For anyone else reading this I would recommend getting a minimum of backups or snapshots in place for the docker share so a roll back can take place for these kind of issues.

  4. Hi Doc, Hoping to get some help with this, Looks like my last reply did not post.

    Im getting the following issue, no clue on how to solve it,
    Unable to connect to database:
    SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘Userme’@’’ (using password: YES)

    Please make sure your database server is up and running and your connection parameters are set

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Try stopping the project delete the contents of the mariadb folder and start the project again,then watch the log for Spotweb and wait it should over the course of a few minutes begin creating the tables.

      • Jeffrey Jeffrey

        Hi Dr_Frankenstein,

        I have exactly the same problem…
        I have tried your proposed solution and I have deleted everthing without luck.

        Do you have some other things I could try?

        Thanks in advance

        • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

          The only thing I can suggest is stop the Project, Delete the MariaDB folder contents and start the project again, then watch the logs for Spotweb – You need to give it time to spin up and connect to the database, you should see it start creating the tables, ignore if you see an initial connection error and wait it out and don’t restart.

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