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Radarr in Docker on a Synology NAS

Key Settings and FAQ

Now you have set up Radarr there are some key settings you will need to set as these often catch new users out. I will add more as they come up.

Media Management / Root Folders (Settings>Media Management)

Radarr refers to the place(s) you keep your movies as Root Folders. These are where Radarr will ultimately move your movies to once they finish downloading.

AppRoot Folder

Download Clients (Settings > Download Clients>Remote Path Mappings)

While most of the settings on this page are self-explanatory something that has caught people out if the Remote Path Mappings setting. If you are hosting all your services on the same NAS do not add any settings here.

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  1. Rob Rob

    First of all, thanks for the guides! They are really helpful.

    I have an issue that I am suspecting has to do with permissions. I followed your guide to create a dockerlimited user and assigned permissions to the files/folders in the volumes that I needed.

    Radarr is the only container that I am having issues with. When I look through the terminal, I am able to see everything in the folder and even create files. I verified through another machine and user that all the permissions are ok. However, when I add this folder, Radarr is not picking up any of the files. Any ideas?

    • Dr_Frankenstein Dr_Frankenstein

      Hey Rob, I could do with some extra info and probably some screenshots. Can you reach out via the Discord channel or via my Contact Page top left of the site. I will need to see the volume settings for Radarr as a starter and what folder you are mounting..

      • Rob Rob

        Hey, thanks for the quick reply, but I figured out my problem. Permissions were fine, its just I either misread or assumed that Radarr was able to detect loose files. Evidently they must all be in separate folders to be detected.

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